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Adam Berman

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Adam Berman has a background in law and is currently working as a business development executive. Based out of New York City, New York, Adam has worked for a variety of companies where he has driven results through his leadership and business acumen. Operations is his specialty, where he works hard to improve efficiencies and processes through creative problem-solving and impressive interpersonal skills.

Before launching his professional career, Adam Berman was a dedicated student with an impressive academic record. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Albany, where he graduated Magna Cum Laud. Then, he went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from Fordham University School of Law, where he graduated in the top 20% of his class. This foundation gave him a broad skill set that has prepared him well to navigate the corporate business world as a C-suite executive.

Since completing his studies, Adam Berman has worked for a variety of different companies. He spent time as the COO and Head of Business Development at ArxSocial, a social media platform that generates income for content partners. In this role, Adam helped develop new business opportunities and increased market share. He then moved on to fill a similar role at Blackridge Capital Group, LLC, a company he co-founded as an investment vehicle for private investments.

In 2015, Adam Berman took on his first role within the real estate industry as the Executive Vice President of Business Development at MiT National Land Services. Working at this national title agency, Adam learned a lot about real estate transactions and insurance while building customer relationships and driving revenue growth. In 2019, he stepped away to co-found BerMal Real Estate Group, his current professional focus. This privately held real estate investment and development firm is headquartered in New York City. They are focused on multifamily, hotel, retail, and industrial properties and have been involved in projects across the nation.  Adam loves getting to offer consulting and brokerage services involved in these crucial commercial properties.

Through his work in real estate, Adam Berman has earned multiple professional certifications. He is a licensed New York State Real Estate Broke as well as a New York State Public Notary. 

Career Overview

For many years, Adam Berman also ran his own corporate consulting firm. He founded Adam Berman and Associates in 1992 and provided consulting services until early 2023. In this endeavor, Adam’s specialty was credit, collections, and accounts receivable. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, finance and insurance companies, credit agencies, and more. Adam did a lot of work in corporate formation and negotiations.

While his career has taken him through multiple industries, Adam Berman’s work has always been focused on driving results and growth through strategic leadership and operational efficiency. He is especially passionate about commercial real estate and entrepreneurship. With multiple successful startups on his resume, Adam is experienced in filling a wide variety of business roles and navigating complex markets. 

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